Microgrids: Policy Pathways for Progress 7/11/18

Tom Stanton presentation
Laris Dobriansky presentation
Farrokh Rahimi presentation
Jean Ann Ramey presentation

Laws, rules, and franchises sometimes interfere with microgrid operations that would otherwise be technically feasible, provide multiple utility system benefits, and be highly efficient and cost-effective. This project reviews technological and business-plan options for microgrids, from easiest to implement in the current legal and regulatory climates to options typically blocked by current laws, policies, and rules. Case study examples: (a) explore the types of state laws and rules that facilitate or hinder microgrid development; and, (b) describe both already-open and readily achievable pathways for enabling microgrids for the benefit of the utility system and community economic development.

Tom Stanton, Principal Researcher, NRRI
Larisa Dobriansky, Chief Business & Regulatory Innovations Officer, General Microgrids
Farrokh Rahimi, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Market Design and Consulting at Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI)
Jean Ann Ramey, Executive Director, Climable
Moderator: Hon. Commissioner Emeritus Lorraine H. Akiba, Hawaii