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    New Tax Legislation and its Effect on Regulated Public Utilities

    2:00 PMWebinar

    Brian Chin presentation

    Ken Costello presentation

    Eric Grey presentation 

    Dolores Midkiff-Powell presentation

    Mark Schuling presentation

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    This webinar will focus on the new tax legislation (NTL) and its effect on regulated public utilities. It will first identify the major provisions of the NTL that will have the most impact on utilities. The main one is a decline in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% affecting both current tax and excess deferred income tax liabilities.

    Panelists will explore different ratemaking options to adjust rates based on the changes in a utility’s cost of service. They will give special attention to the issues surrounding the transmittal of tax reductions to customers over future periods. The question for commissions is what ratemaking treatment would best reflect just and reasonable rates. One objective would be to adjust rates over time with the objective of maximizing the long-term well-being of utility customers.

    The webinar will also cover different regulatory procedures available to state commissions to address the NTL. They include technical conferences, mini rate cases, consideration in a pending rate case, opening of new dockets for individual utilities, and show cause orders.

    Finally, the webinar will discuss what various states have done so far. Some commissions, for example, have issued orders requiring utilities to calculate the effect of the tax cut and how customers can benefit. Others have gone back to see how they handled the Tax Reform Act of 1986 or requested their staffs to begin evaluating how the NTL will affect utility rates.


    • BRIAN CHIN, Senior VP of Planning and Strategy Integration, American Water
    • KEN COSTELLO, Principal Researcher, NRRI
    • ERIC GREY, Senior Director of Government Relations, EEI
    • DOLORES MIDKIFF-POWELL, Chair, NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance
    • MARK SCHULING, , Consumer Advocate, State of Iowa

    Moderator: DR. R. BRUCE WILLIAMSON, Commissioner, Maine PUC

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