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    Safe, Reliable Service at Just and Reasonable Rates: The Economics of Storm Hardening

    2:00 PMWebinar

    Ted Kury presentation

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    In the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, and Hurricane Irma in Florida, and mindful of the winter storms that will soon bring wind and snow to much of the country, anxious people everywhere worry about the impact these storms might have on their safety, comfort, and convenience. When it comes to their electricity service, people turn their attention to the power lines overhead and ask their utilities and regulators if their electricity service might be more secure if those lines were buried underground. But the answer is not that straightforward. Some of the issues that formulate decision-making will be discussed in this Webinar.

    Panelist: Dr. Ted Kury, Director of Energy Studies, Public Utility Research Center, University of Florida

    Moderator: Dr. Raj Barua, Director, NRRI

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