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  • Wed

    Transmission Transitions

    2:00 pmWebinar

    Jon Wellinghoff presentation
    Johannes Pfeifenberger presentation
    Neil Millar presentation
    Sharon Segner presentation

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    Electric transmission planning is changing remarkably, in response to FERC initiatives intended to open competition in wholesale markets. A first major step was ensuring robust competition among electric generators and opening new opportunities for merchant generators. Gradually, those efforts have been augmented through changes intended to bring the benefits of competition to transmission itself, by inviting competition among builders and maintainers of transmission assets and enabling new merchant transmission developers. This Webinar explores some of the early examples that are demonstrating how transmission planning and procurement options are advancing into the new territories of merchant transmission development.

    Moderator: Tom Stanton, Principal Researcher, NRRI

    Hon. Jon Wellinghoff, Commissioner Emeritus
    Johannes Pfeifenberger, The Brattle Group
    Neil Millar, CAISO
    Sharon Segner, Vice President, LSPower, developer of competitive transmission projects