Electrification: What’s the Next Step? 9/12/18

Jeff Deason presentation Part 1 Part 2 Reference document
Dr. Lesser presentation
Keith Dennis presentation one and two
Chris McGill presentation
Ken Costello presentation

Electrification has emerged as a major topic of interest for regulators and policymakers.  Studies have indicated the potential for electrification to advance throughout the end-use energy sector in the years ahead.  This webinar will evaluate the evidence that supports electrification, with a focus on what immediate actions regulators and policymakers should pursue.  The panelists will address several questions, including:

  1. What problems would electrification rectify?
  2. How should regulators/policymakers view electrification at this time?
  3. How should they evaluate electrification from the perspective of the public interest?
  4. Why don’t we see more electrification happening today?
  5. What have studies concluded or found?
  6. What do we know today about the economic, environmental and other effects of electrification?  What evidence is there that electrification would be cost-beneficial to society?
  7. What should electric utilities do today?
  8. What actions, if any, should regulators/policymakers take to advance electrification?  What are the premises underlying each action?  What out-of-market actions would be justified?  Which actions seem most sensible today, given what we know?

Moderator:  Ken Costello, NRRI
Dr. Jonathan Lesser, President, Continental Economics, Inc.
Jeff Deason, Program Manager in the Electricity Markets and Policy Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Chris McGill, Vice President of Energy Markets, Analysis and Standards, American Gas Association
Keith Dennis, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association