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Create Date June 20, 1978
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June 20, 1978

This document, "Regulatory Computer Program Descriptions", is a listing of over 300 computer programs which have application to the regulatory or energy field. The programs were identified through information received from a total of 100 state and federal agencies, regional commissions and private firms; an extensive search of available literature; and a mechanized information search of the ERDA and NTIS data bases.
This deliverable discusses the various activities undertaken to carry out this task. and contains a brief description of the programs listed. These computer programs are classified according to the four technical assistance areas defined in the February 1978 document Regulatory Assistance· Program: On-Site Technical Assistance Package. The areas are Rate Design ()5 programs listed, Consumer Programs (21), Forecasting and Planning (C240), and State Agency Operation (L40). Within each of these areas the programs described are arranged according to the specific applications they address. A ,;sting of these application areas with the number of programs in each area is given in Table 5 (page 12).
The programs described in this document were identified through search techniques directed toward state and federal agencies and private non-utility firms. This effort identified a number of documents containing lists of relevant computer programs. The two such lists used in this study are the NARUC Staff Sub-Committee on Computers I 11 Ca ta log of Computer Programs II pub 1 i shed in June 1977 and the II Inventory and analysis of Federal 1 Energy Information Systems II public shed in September 1977 by the Federal Energy Administration, Office of Data Services. A complementary document to this study is "Regional Power Systems Planning: A State of the Art Assessment" published as an interim report January 1978 by the University of Oklahoma under a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy.
This listing was developed in order to provide information on available computer programs which may aid in the on-site technical assistance projects being conducted by NRRI.

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