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Create Date October 1, 1978
Last Updated August 6, 2018


Clark A. Mount-Campbell
Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

David Slyper
Graduate Research Associate

Syokyoo Ahn
Graduate Research Associate

Submitted to the Public Utility Commission of Ohio

October 1978

The purpose of this research was to study the process of evaluating the quality of telephone servtce being provided in Ohio, and to recommend a process design that wtll make effective and efficient use of the personnel and equipment of the Compliance Dtviston of the PUCO. The process design was to be communicated prtmartly through a procedures manual to be used by the telephone inspector.
The final procedure destgn was developed to satisfy the organizational objectives of the Compliance Division of the PUCD. Specifically, four such objectives were identified and rank ordered as follows:
1. To provide data and assessment concerning the quality of telephone services to be used as staff input to rate cases.
2. To encourage a regimen of providing good servtce in the system.
3. To be responsive to puBlic ne.ed.
4. To identify incidences of noncompliance with the PUCO Administrative Order 227.
This approach led to a set of inspection procedures aimed primarily at gathering data and assessing the quality of service i:n metropol itan areas and/or company areas versus the current practice of assessi:ng the qual ity of servi ce in selected central offices'. Furthermore., the. tndivtdua 1 inspection tasks were separated tnto nomogeneous: groupfngs. The procedures designed to complete each group of tas'[(s were taylored specifically for the group. This will allow tbe use of an efficient sampling plan and company records with backup inspector che.cks in order to gain the maximum amount of information about telephone service while using a fixed input of inspector time.
Four documents resulted from the study: this final report; Procedures Manual I for the Subscribers Swrvey and Collection of Trunk Traffic Data; Procedures Manual II for the'Determination of Quality of Telephone Service; and Computer Programs Specificati'on: Qual tty of Telephone Service Study. Briefly, Procedures Manual I gives the steps the Customer Services personnel should follow when conducting a subscriber survey and/or collecting the trunk traffic data from company records. This is a step that may be done independently from other inspections and will develop information that is useful in planning for the technical inspections. Procedures Manual II delineates the steps for each group of technical inspection tasks as well as steps for planning a metro area inspection. Finally, the Programs Specifications docume.nt describes computer programs neede.d to generate forms and provide analysts of data prtmarfly in support of the tasks laid down in Procedure Manual I.

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