NRRI 01-05 THE CREATION OF DYNAMIC REGULATORY INSTITUTIONS: Essays on Emergent and Self-Governing Regulator! Systems, the Information Ecology of the Regulatory Process, Conflict Transformation, and Regulatory Convergence, With a Guide to Implementation

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Create Date January 1, 2001
Last Updated August 3, 2018

By David W. Wrick
Manager, NRRI Commission Transformation Program

January 2001

In response to concern about which regulatory methods,
organizations, and processes are best suited to these changing times,
public utility regulatory commissions around the nation have embarked
on an effort to (1) turn outward, (2) become less adversarial, and
(3) reestablish consensus among stakeholders about regulatory
processes and institutions. They are, in short, attempting to become
"dynamic" regulatory agencies, where dynamic describes their ability to
create motion in a non-linear environment.
Effective regulatory agencies will be required to perform four key
functions-unbiased, independent enforcement of laws and policies;
effective participation in the policy making process; proactive dispute
transformation; and consumer protection. This report contains four
essays describing aspects of the creation of these dynamic regulatory
agencies; it concludes with a chapter that provides implementation

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