Committee on Consumers and the Public Interest: Delinquencies and Disconnections: Where are We Now? 5/8/19

This webinar is the first in the Series hosted by the NARUC Committee on Consumers AND the Public Interest, National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates, and National Regulatory Research Institute on the topic of data collection for utility disconnections and delinquencies. The purpose of this series is to gain a greater understanding of the utility and state agency data collection processes around the country, and to make a recommendation for a consistent data collection and reporting model.

The first webinar in this series will share up-to-date information from experts in the field, to help regulators and staff better understand how utility disconnections impact customers, what information is currently being collected, and how it is being used. This webinar will focus on framing the challenges of disconnections for this webinar series, and address questions such as:

  1. Who is currently collecting data on disconnections and delinquencies?
  2. How does data collection on this topic vary from state-to-state and regionally?
  3. What other data is available and from what sources, that illustrates the impacts of utility disconnections and delinquencies on rate payers?
  4. What information is available, either publicly or to state or local consumer services and protection agencies, and what meaningful conclusions can be drawn from such data?

Marion S. Gold, Ph.D., Commissioner, Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission
Gabriela Sandoval, Ph.D., M.R.P., Director of Strategic Initiatives, TURN – The Utility Reform Network
Nat Treadway, Managing Partner, Distributed Energy Financial Group LLC
Roger D. Colton, Fisher, Sheehan & Colton, Public Finance and General Economics
Tyra Peluso, Utilities Examiner, Connecticut Office of the Consumer Counsel