Week of April 4-8

April 18th, 2016 by


International Markets (4/7/16)
Japan’s deregulation of electricity markets makes it one of the largest deregulated markets in the world 

Energy Saving (4/8/16)
Learn about how your water heater can support green energy 


Moratorium Lifted (4/5/16)
Wisconsin lifts nuclear moratorium imposed in 1983 

Natural Gas

EPA’s Methane Challenge (4/5/16)
Learn more about the EPA’s new Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program here 


FCC (4/5/16)
FCC introduces new (voluntary) consumer broadband labels with goal of providing greater transparency 

NRRI Happenings

New research report (4/5/16)
Check out our latest report 16-03 on Billing Rules Standards and Practices here! 

NRRI Webinar (4/7/16)

NRRI hosts a webinar on what’s new in climate change science – download the presentations here

Week of March 28-April 1

April 8th, 2016 by


Solar Incentives (3/29/16)
WSJ: Utility pressure on state commissions shrinking solar incentives. NRRI’s summary of state solar –

Clean Power Plan (3/29/16)
EPA: Clean Air Act provides “well established authority” for Clean Power Plan

Energy Star (3/30/16)
Did your city make the Energy Star Top Cities list? 

Grid Security (4/1/16)
Want to learn more about NERC’s recent grid security exercise, GridEx III?


EPA Regulations (3/31/16)
GA Power announces closure plans for 29 coal ash ponds to comply with EPA regulations

Misc (4/1/16)
MD Senate confirmed Gov. Larry Hogan’s 2015 appointment of Jeannette M. Mills to the Maryland PSC– Congrats!

Week of March 21-25

March 29th, 2016 by


FERC proposes Small Generator Interconnection Agreement (3/21/16)
FERC proposes changes to the Small Generator Interconnection Agreement adopted under Order No. 2006:

Missouri Legislative Amendment (3/21/16)
Missouri legislative amendment (MO-SB1028) to allow for shorter ratemaking periods:

Pepco Excelon Merger (3/24/16)
DC PSC approves Pepco-Excelon merger in 2-1 vote:


EPA Funding (3/22/16)
EPA announces $3.3 Million in funding for water reuse and conservation research:


Gas Prices (3/22/16)
Natural Gas Falls as Late Winter Cold Falls Short:

Natural Gas (3/25/16)
Natural-Gas producers face painful spring:


Interconnection Agreements (3/23/16)
PUC of Texas considering new rules governing interconnection agreements:

Verizon Hack (3/25/16)
Customer data for 1.5 million stolen in Verizon Enterprise Solutions hack:

FCC Meeting (3/25/16)
FCC to hold Open Meeting on 3/31 to discuss reform of Lifeline program:


Fee Reduction (3/24/16)
NRC seeks public comment on proposed changes to reduce fees:

Week of March 7-11, 2016

March 20th, 2016 by


FCC CHMN Wheeler & Comm. Clyburn Propose New Lifeline Rules.  (3/7/16)

FCC Chairman Wheeler and Commissioner Clyburn propose rules to modernize lifeline program to provide affordable broadband for low-income Americans.  Proposal  link to factsheet:

Thune to introduce FCC Reauthorization bill. (3/8/16)

Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune will introduce a bill to reauthorize the FCC.  The bill will require the FCC to share documents that it shares with the White House with Congress.

FCC Broadband Lifeline proposal may move ETC designations to the FCC.  (3/8/16)

Today the states name eligible telecommunications carriers that may offer Lifeline and other services in the state.  A proposal at the FCC would move this designation to the Federal level, removing state oversight of these carriers.


Scheduled electric generating capacity additions in 2016.  (3/9/16)

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that electric generation facilities plan to increase generation by 26 gigawatts of generating capacity to the power grid in 2016.  Most of these additions come from three resources: solar (9.5 GW), natural gas (8.0 GW), and wind (6.8 GW).

Exelon Corp. and Pepco Holdings Inc. Filed a New Proposal (3/10/16)

On Monday morning with the D.C. Public Service Commission (PSC) focused on saving their $6.8 billion merger. Under the new proposal, a $45.6 million allocation of the Customer Investment Fund would contribute to two issues — $25.6 million for a residential rate freeze and $20 million for the commission to use at its discretion

Critical Infrastructure

DHS shares information on Ukraine’s power sector cyber attack. The attack led to a six hour outage affecting over 200,000 customers. .

Supply chain cybersecurity comes into focus. A three step process to minimize the risk of supply chain breaches includes identifying critical third parties, contractually agreeing to cybersecurity standards, and real-tim monitoring of third party networks.

Cyber attackers and defenders agree: we’re winning. As annual cybersecurity conferences heat up, both hackers and defenders insist that their side is winning the battle.