Broadband Mapping and Deployment: Are we there yet?

Chris Witteman presentation

Here is the link to the EU December 2017 report on implementation of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive:

The States, the FCC, other federal agencies, and industry are focused on bringing broadband to all Americans, regardless of where they live. The Connect America Fund, the Mobility Fund, loans and grants from the Rural Utilities Service, and various state initiatives are addressing the question of where broadband is available, and how that availability can be increased. The FCC and the states are mapping locations where service is and is not available in order to ensure that funds are deployed where they are most needed.

This webinar will discuss State, Federal, and industry broadband initiatives, the status of broadband mapping at the State and Federal level, and how the Universal Service Fund is bringing broadband to unserved and underserved areas. It will answer the following key questions:

• What is the current state of broadband availability? Are we making progress? Are there areas (or even individual states) where progress is accelerating – or lagging?
• How have the CAF II and RLEC USF programs helped to increase availability? How can we best measure the progress of these programs?
• What will companies serving hard to reach and underserved communities need in order to move the program forward? Are we doing a good job of determining where broadband is available? Where are we in the mapping process? How is the new FCC broadband map helping to determine service availability? What can the states do to assist?
• What are the benefits and burdens of the current mapping choices/options? What are the risks/costs of getting mapping wrong?
• How can we continue to increase broadband availability? Are partnerships the best way to move forward? How do we promote partnering? What has been the experience to date – successes and failures/lessons learned?
• How is the mapping process working in other countries? What lessons can we learn from the European experience?

Danna Mackenzie, Executive Director, Minnesota Office of Broadband Development
Michael Romano, Senior Vice President, Industry Affairs & Business Development, NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association
Steven Rosenberg, Chief Data Officer, Wireline Competition Bureau, FCC
Joe Tiernan, Competition Division, Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable
Christopher Witteman, Broadband Mapping Researcher, California

Moderator: Sherry Lichtenberg, Ph.D., NRRI