Week of April 4-8


International Markets (4/7/16)
Japan’s deregulation of electricity markets makes it one of the largest deregulated markets in the world http://onforb.es/1UWJ9wz 

Energy Saving (4/8/16)
Learn about how your water heater can support green energy http://bit.ly/1V1SzHe 


Moratorium Lifted (4/5/16)
Wisconsin lifts nuclear moratorium imposed in 1983 http://bit.ly/1XcUlCP 

Natural Gas

EPA’s Methane Challenge (4/5/16)
Learn more about the EPA’s new Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program here http://1.usa.gov/1RQyHQc 


FCC (4/5/16)
FCC introduces new (voluntary) consumer broadband labels with goal of providing greater transparency http://bit.ly/1XcTstP 

NRRI Happenings

New research report (4/5/16)
Check out our latest report 16-03 on Billing Rules Standards and Practices here! http://bit.ly/1Xfd6Fw 

NRRI Webinar (4/7/16)

NRRI hosts a webinar on what’s new in climate change science – download the presentations here

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